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CrediMax Staff Camping Trip

CrediMax Hosted its Staff Sakhir Camping Trip

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CrediMax hosted a fun-filled camping trip in the Sakhir Desert exclusively for all its employees and their families. The event, attended by the Chief Executive, Mr Yousif Ali Mirza and CrediMax Management members, included fun rides and games for the children and scrumptious traditional Bahraini food and beverages buffet.

“Being a leader in social activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain; CrediMax aims to host a range of events and activities that strengthens the bond between our employees as well as get a chance to meet and bond with their family members,” said the Chief Executive, Mr Yousif Ali Mirza.

“Camping season is an annual tradition that Bahrainis have been practicing for many years. It gives our employees a chance to enjoy the festive atmosphere, bonding with all and creating memories. At CrediMax we are committed to provide such atmosphere contributing into strengthening the relationships between the staff.  ” he added.

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