Stay Beautiful this Ramadan

Brought to you by JOZ SALON & SPA

Many women feel that their skin starts looking pale and feels dry during the holy month of Ramadan, but this is only because of the body’s dropped nutrition levels. Fasting in the hot weather can take a toll on your skin if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Take advantage of the Holy Month of Ramadan by having a healthy routine to keep your skin looking great.

Here are some great tips you should follow to make you feel and look your best:

  • Drink lots of water: The classic golden rule every woman should follow.
  • Shower in warm water: Don’t shower in hot water because it dries your skin faster, instead shower in warm water.
  • Drink green tea for Suhoor: Drinking green tea for your Suhoor helps hydrate your skin and gives you fresh breath the next day.
  • Don’t eat fatty food or drink sodas: Iftar is your first meal of the day, so make it a healthy one. Don’t break your fast with fatty foods and soda.
  • Have a cup of yogurt daily: Yogurt will help you feel full longer, and hydrates your skin.
  • Treat those dark circles: We usually stay up late during Ramadan, so it is only natural for dark circles to start showing under our eyes. Apply round slices of potatoes under your eyes for 10-15 minutes daily.

Try keeping your under eye area moisturised and treat it with a mask or tea bags twice a week at least.

  • Limit Caffeine & Sugar Intake: Whether its soda, coffee, or tea, try to limit your caffeine intake as it absorbs minerals and liquids from your body. Make sure you don’t eat too much sugar because sugar may cause acne.
  • Indulge in Nuts: Try to eat more nuts or almonds during Ramadan, as they are rich in fibers and fatty acids which help take good care of your skin.

Enjoy these tips that will sure keep your skin & hair glowing and looking healthy in Ramadan.