Stay Home and Stay Safe

Stay Home, Stay Safe

The Kingdom of Bahrain is trying to overcome the circumstances caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) under the eminent leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa and Royal family.

We, as responsible citizens of Bahrain, has only one duty to fight this war-Stay home, and Stay positive! Bahrain This Week understands that it is easy for one to feel confused about the situation, frustrated or irritated on the quarantine schedule at home, scared about being affected by the disease, nervous about not able to follow the usual routine, and anxious on the future in these unprecedented times. We all are in this together and lets us create a positive space to maintain our physical & mental health.

Set a Routine

Out daily routine gets overhauled with the unexpected home confinement. For many, the nights become longer and days become short.  Try to maintain the routine the same as it has typically been. Plan activities for your kids with a schedule calendar and don’t let them deviate from it.

Why it’s important: Beyond the benefits of familiarity, it will give you firm guideposts for building your work. The schedule will keep the kids engaged and they will have something to look forward to.

Cook, Clean, Repeat

Our domestic helpers would have taken a leave and this is the time we are left to do our house chores together. Maintain the cleanliness of the house and prepare the menu for every day involving all family members. Don’t go easy on these tasks thinking that you have no guests to assess your work.

Why it’s important: We aren’t often blessed with this time together as a family. Doing and sharing household chores gives a sense of control over their own safety for everyone in the family. Moreover, a clean, well-fed and sustained family is the happiest place to be in.


Look around the house with peace in your mind. It might surprise you how many items you’ve accumulated and dumped without use over the years. Make a resolution to remove each unused item per day until the Quarantine ends.

Why this is important? We learn that we place a lot of power in objects as a power to give us identity, a sense of value, a sense of who we are, to give use security, hopes for the future, memories, love, and comfort. By decluttering, we start to pay attention to what is truly important to us, and that will shift over the course of this inquiry. We evolve our understanding of what we really value.

Get some Sunshine

Bahrain is a country blessed with ample sunshine. Draw your curtains and feel the warmth of Sunrays for at least 15 minutes on your body.

Why this is important? It’s medically proven that Moderate sunlight exposure helps improve your mood and focus by boosting the serotonin (also known as the ‘happiness hormone) ‘levels in your body. It makes you calm and alert.

Get Active

Practice some indoor exercises on a regular basis. Do not start anything that you haven’t done before. You can do some simple walking, squats, crunches, or any other fitness regime that is used to.

Why this is important? Mental Health studies prove that regular physical activity can help to reduce stress levels, cope with frustration, and give a sense of achievement, all of which help with depression.

Be aware, but don’t get addicted

Follow the news on a regular basis only from reliable sources. There might be many panic stirring news and podcasts going around, but avoid them for your own benefit. Follow the WHO website or reliable news agencies in the Kingdom for authentic updates.

Why this is important? As humans, it’s natural for us to get attracted to negative news. Called as “negativity bias” by it’s one of the first things we develop as children. While this bias may have helped to pay attention to potentially life-threatening situations, today it’s getting in the way of our happiness, well-being, and even our productivity. Take a second to reassess your own news consumption habits and building a better media practice.

Practice Social Media Distancing

For many of us, social media has become the major source of information and a medium of connection on these days. It might be entertaining to watch someone posting workout videos, someone going frantic over missing the social life, someone comparing us to be caged animals, someone showing off their fancy and comfy home interiors. However, the practice for a healthy mind is to limit your social media browsing to 30 minutes a day.

Why this is important? Studies show that people who spend a significant amount of time on social media experience increased anxiety and decreased self-esteem.  Also, remember that nobody’s life is as glamorous or overwhelming as they show on Instagram and Facebook and that your happiness should not depend on anybody else’s.


Dedicate a slot to watch a movie, play a board game, or do some creative crafts with the entire family.

Why this is important? Remember, this time will pass too. In the years to come, there may not be other days, where you all stay together as a family for such a long duration. Create memories of happiness, positivity, and hope.

The power of prayer/Silence/Meditation

We call it in different names and practices in different ways. However, connecting with the ultimate power is important for all of us. Together, with the family, you can practice some meditative moments.

Why it’s important? It’s in the silence that we are able to know and feel the always present. In silence, you become aware of your freedom and power to choose the types of thoughts you wish to entertain and empower, and the thoughts you wish to ignore and diffuse.

Above all, the Kingdom of Bahrain is in the safe hands of Almighty Allah and our great Royal rulers amidst any calamities. We will overcome any adverse situation under their guidance. Stay Home, Stay Safe! #BHinSafeHands