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In conversation with Omneya Shabaan, Certified Makeup Artist

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For Omneya Shabaan, being a makeup artist is so much more than just a profession. An alumna of Bahrain Polytechnic, this International Logistics Management graduate loves to travel, during which she collects new ideas with which she creates magic with her makeup. With dreams to create her own mark in this field, Omneya shared with Bahrain This Week the career path she chose and some tips and tricks that can make your daily look special.

How did your career in the world of beauty begin?

I never had any prior plans of entering this world. I took up a basic makeup course to improve my own makeup skills. But over time I found myself gripped with the wonders of makeup and it made me want to learn more. Being a creative person myself, I always used to associate myself with fashion, drawing and all things art.  And as my interest with makeup grew, I didn’t have to think twice before taking up a professional course and making my entry as a professional artist. I began with setting up my own studio and my Instagram account omneya_mua helped me in marketing my skills to potential customers.

What is your source of inspiration?

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I am inspired by the famous makeup artists who have already made their mark in this field. Their work inspires me to create new ideas and add my special touches to it. Nature and distinctive prints on fabric inspires me with new ideas of mixing and matching colors that can help create original looks from my studio.

There is a dizzying world of skincare and beauty products out there. How do you keep your routine simple?

I don’t believe in changing my skin care or beauty products randomly. Before buying them, I closely follow the products and brands available in the market and the reviews from professionals who are actually using them. I prefer to continue using the brand I am comfortable with unless once in a while I am in a mood to try something new. But still, I would look at the long term results and would eventually stick with it if I feel it would suit me.

What sets you apart from other makeup artists in the kingdom?

I believe that everyone should have a chance to look beautiful and should once in a while get professional help that fits their budget. Also I love to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about the art of makeup with those who have the talent and real thirst to learn more. Believing in putting my skills to proper use and taking them to a level above being just a business, I offer high quality professional services including makeup courses at highly affordable rates that may not be available at other places in the Kingdom.

What areas of media do you frequently work in?

I mostly work on photo shoots and runway models. I have been lucky to work in collaboration with several renowned fashion designers. Many of my works have been used in print and online magazines as well.

What is your daily makeup routine as a makeup professional?

My daily makeup routine starts with applying a moisturizer on my face and then a green corrector to cover the discoloration on my skin. I then apply a Concealer on top of it and finally a layer of foundation or BB cream. I only contour my checks using a bronzer with a light peach blush and highlight my check bones. Peachy and pinkish lipsticks are my favorites for daily use, especially the matte ones. Eyebrows get filled with a brown powder and for the eyes I usually use brownish eye shadows. For the final touch, some quick tricks like applying a black pencil liner on my upper water line to have thicker lashes and some white shadow on my brow bone for better looking eyebrows adds a fresh touch to my face.

Do you have any tips for aspiring makeup artists?

First of all, one needs to improve their skills. You need to take up professional courses and practice a lot. You can also watch different tutorial videos that are available on YouTube and try them out as well. The best thing would be to have the initial trials with your friends and family till you have sharpened your skills. I would also recommend keeping a budget of BD 1000 to 1500 approximately that can help you through your studies and to buy essential makeup products and tools that can be of aid in setting up your studio.  Also remember to have professional photo shoots of your makeup taken and have them posted over social media pages to give the public a chance to see your work.

What’s your top tip for the girl at home trying to look fresh and ready to go in 10 minutes?

Clean your face and moisturize it.  Apply a good BB cream or a foundation all over your face using a sponge and blend it.  Add some powder to help setting it in place; fill your eyebrows in a very natural way – no harsh lines and squares in the front.  Apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes, put some pinkish or peachy blush with a bit of shine on the cheek bone, choose a lipstick that you like and you are ready to go.

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