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stc Bahrain and Nokia launch the stc AgileWAN service for businesses

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The world-class digital enabler, stc Bahrain, as part of the stc Group, and Nokia have launched the stc AgileWAN service, further evolving the operator’s ICT services managed portfolio. Nokia’s Nuage Networks has deployed its Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) to enable this service. A significant contributor to taking Bahrain’s digital transformation agenda forward, the stc Bahrain new AgileWAN service can now enable businesses across industries to execute their transformation initiatives, backed by the agility, support, and services required to attract the desired business impact.

With its extensive capabilities tailored to local and global connectivity requirements, businesses can now connect to the data center or cloud resources from anywhere in the world through a centralized and managed IT network setup. Together with seamless integration and monitoring of the existing and new business operations, the service also offers businesses the flexibility to securely extend their network and the intranet for home teleworking through cost-effective measures.

Moreover, stc Bahrain’s business customers also stand to benefit from reduced operational costs via automated network functions and gain valuable analytics and insights into their network performance through advanced visibility and control features.

With the end-to-end visibility, power, and security it offers to the businesses, stc AgileWAN service is easy to integrate for companies of all sizes and sectors, including finance, healthcare, food and beverage, retail, to name a few. The service enables optimized network performance, increased business productivity, enhanced user and customer experiences as well as reduced IT operating costs.

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Eng. Nezar Banabeela, CEO, stc Bahrain, said: “We are pleased to take forward our collaboration with Nokia, creating intelligent and purposeful services for our business customers. Working with the company, we continue to explore the next-generation enterprise network connectivity services for our customers while utilizing its digital assets and ecosystems to increase operational effectiveness, improve customer outcomes and minimize potential security risks.”

 “This is a significant step towards investing in Bahrain’s digital future and supporting SMEs to focus on their core competencies while empowering them to move forward into the future”, he added further.

Khalid Hussain, Head of the stc Customer Business Team at Nokia, said: “We are proud to have deployed our SD-WAN 2.0 solution to stc Bahrain, especially when enabling new-age digital services for enterprises has gained the utmost importance in the past one year or so. This disruptive technology enables stc Bahrain to better manage the network, enhance the overall performance and significantly bring up the total value and efficiency of the operations in the cloud era. As a pioneer of bringing next generation technologies to the region, stc Bahrain is now able to leverage innovative features such as automation, network segmentation and cloud connectivity to advance the digital transformation of its enterprise customers.”

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