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SocietyPR This Weekstc Bahrain collaborates with Solidarity and becomes the Kingdom’s first telecom operator to offer Motor Insurance

stc Bahrain collaborates with Solidarity and becomes the Kingdom’s first telecom operator to offer Motor Insurance

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stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, has partnered with Solidarity Bahrain, one of the largest insurance companies in the Kingdom, to offer Motor Insurance products under its stc protect, digital insurance platform. The strategic collaboration marks stc Bahrain’s foray into the Motor Insurance sector, making it the first telecom operator in Bahrain with a strong Motor and Travel Insurance portfolio. 

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Commenting on the partnership, stc Bahrain CEO, Eng. Nezar Banabeela said, “stc Bahrain has been leading the way in digitizing service experiences with transformational strategies to capitalize on growth opportunities by tailoring our products and services. Our partnership with Solidarity puts us in a unique position as a digital enabler to accelerate the transformation in the insurance sector, diversify our business lines, empower and connect a wider consumer base through our stc protect portfolio. This being in line with our digital transformation to support the local community with new technologies, services and experiences beyond our traditional offerings.”

Commenting on this occasion, Jawad Mohammed, CEO, Solidarity Bahrain stated: “A regional pioneer, Solidarity Bahrain continues to lead the insurance industry in applying globally-trending InsurTech solutions. We have introduced multiple industry firsts for new products and services, which have enhanced and elevated the customer journey, and as such, through this partnership with stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler and a market leader in the Kingdom, we look forward to taking an active role in meeting the growing demand of the insurance needs, flexible payment options in the local market”.

Under the partnership with Solidarity, stc protect will be offering new payment channels for the comprehensive range of Motor Insurance products, in addition to the traditional debit/credit card payments. stc subscribers will now have the flexibility to pay insurance premiums through monthly instalments charged to their postpaid line. stc protect will also enhance customers’ digital experiences to manage their policies online and submit claims. 

With this, stc protect continues to empower existing insurance customers and previously untapped segment by the insurance sector to provide a wide range of insurance products and services that are secure, affordable and fully digital. Subscribers can avail stc protect motor and travel insurance online without visiting an office, appointments, etc. It’s the most convenient way to stay protected with comprehensive coverage, digital experience, ease of payment, simplified claims, exclusive benefits, and instant support.

stc protect, the umbrella brand for InsurTech products and services under stc Bahrain, is a digital platform offering a range of insurance services from Device Insurance, Extended Warranty to Travel Insurance, Roadside and Home assistance, and the recently launched Motor Insurance services in collaboration with Solidarity.  stc protect products and services are also available for non-stc customers, enabling them to take advantage of value-added insurance services regardless of their service provider. For more information please visit www.stcprotect.com.bh to learn more about stc protect products or call 80001712/17576642.

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