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stc Bahrain concludes its 2nd Virtual Summer Internship Programme

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stc Bahrain, a world-class digital enabler, has concluded its partnership with Etijah Coaching and Consulting Services for the second edition of its Virtual Summer Internship Programme. A virtual on the job training for the 13 students was concluded during two months of internship.

During the event, CHRO, Ms. Sara Khonji commented, “We are proud to have the second batch of students professionally guided and developed. The engagement of our staff, the efforts invested by the students along with Etijah’s strong support is commendable. We have invested in our efforts to train and guide these students in key areas that shall help them towards choosing a rewarding career for self.”

Managing Director of Etijah Coaching and Consulting, Dina Shabib, said, “During the programme, participants underwent intensive coaching and mentoring on their projects and assignments. Interns were involved in managing and interacting within a corporate atmosphere to build a strong professional attitude, engage in networking and on a personal level, develop self-confidence. The virtual internship allowed students to gain information and develop a range of skills in areas such as Technology, Commercial, HR, Finance, Sales etc. around their core academic subjects to complete their required credits.”

This partnership is part of stc Bahrain’s Corporate Social obligations to develop and grow Bahrain’s great pool of talents.

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