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Stroba™: The modern straw for your boba

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The U.S. solely consumes over 500 million straws every day. Most of these straws go into the world’s ocean and put many marine animals in danger. It has become a standard part of everyday life to receive a straw in your drink, but what about the whole plastic cup and its lid? The scale of plastic pollution in the oceans is truly staggering. The straws, cups, and lids end up being mistaken for food by marine life, which can cause injury or even death. 

Imagine the impact if we all give up the habit of single-use plastics. But how do we do that when our favorite beverages like Shake, Bubble Tea, and Boba come in a single-use plastic cup with a plastic straw and a plastic lid? Stroba™ is the solution to this problem. 

Stroba™ is an interlocking straw/lid combination insert that fits in any wide mouth mason jar, an excellent alternative to single-use plastic cups and lids. It allows you to sip and seal your favorite beverages on the go. Stroba™ is lightweight, durable, long-lasting, easy-to-use, and spill-free. You just have to buy Stroba™ once and enjoy your drinks for years. It is easy to clean as it fits in any dishwasher, and every component of Stroba™ is detachable for deeper cleaning.

A true Boba lover understands the struggles while sipping on the delicious particulates at the bottom that can be hard to get. Stroba™ is designed to take a big sip of those delightful particulates at the bottom. It has a wider cut that enables better airflow and bigger sips. Stroba™ comes with the Cappie™, which protects the area we sip from debris. Cappie™ allows you to store it easily, and it can be used on my metal boba straw as well. If you break or lose any part, you can simply buy that part from our website.

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