A strobist is a photographer who uses off-camera flash (OCF) to take pictures. Rather than using the usual pop-up flash or speed light attached on top of the camera, strobists use OCF to achieve more dramatic images. With off-camera flashes, you can experiment the placement of the light to achieve better results.

When you intend to engage into a strobist setting, aside from your camera, you need to bring along with you a flash and a flash stand. If you are planning for an outdoor set-up, have someone to assist you. There are times when a sudden gust of wind knocks down your light set-up, so it’s good to have an extra hand.

Gaining a better picture is the key reason why most people get into using strobes. Light is the language of photography. Without it, there are no photos. With strobes, you add more light on the picture, and will have more control over the final image. Adding light is introducing drama to a picture. It either adds or hides details in your picture. Remember, the extra effort placed in making a shot greatly affects the output.

Glenn Wesley Dulay |