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Summer calls for more care as you drive

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Summer is almost here in Bahrain. Therefore it is the time when one must tweak one’s driving pattern. For example one needs to remain extra careful while driving, especially in the day when the sun is beating hard and the heat is excruciating. This affects the vehicle as well, especially small cars.

If you have not had your vehicle checked before the onset of summer, then it is time to do so now. Make sure that apart from oil and filter change, the water is topped up otherwise you might be faced with the prospect of a sudden heating-up of the engine.

You must take particular care of any oil or fuel leaks in the engine because such leaks could be the spark for a fire in the engine if it were to heat up. All the more reason to keep a fire extinguisher in the car even if you had overlooked the precaution during winter. While on the subject of engine maintenance one might add that a sound wiring is equally important for a vehicle to avoid a short circuit which might result in a slow fire culminating in a conflagration.

Summer is also the time to take a close look at your vehicle’s tyres. Old, damaged or worn-out tyres, those with improper amount of air (whether too much pressure or too little) and the ones badly or crudely repaired may all lead to accidents on a hot summer day when weak or repaired joints tend to give way due to intense heat.

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Also make sure to keep your engine cool as far as possible. Remember that the act of driving itself heats up the engine and the use of the vehicle’s airconditioner in summer generates even further heat. In view of this, try not to keep your engine running for long while the vehicle is parked and the a/c is on, especially in the afternoon when the outside temperature is quite high. The generation of so much heat might at some point result in that dreadful spark which is sometimes known to consume the entire vehicle within minutes. So beware!

Happy driving.

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