Sunday, April 11, 2021

    Beat The Summer Heat

    With summer heat already beating down and the heat waves hitting in, it’s essential to make sure that your body is taken care of.

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    You can’t fight nature but you can certainly make small changes in your lifestyle and start with a good diet. Make sure that you consume a lot of food items that keeps your body cool from within. Just in case you need help with the selection, here’s a list.

    Take a look and stay hydrated all this summer.

    Curd: You probably know that curd is one of the healthiest foods to have in summers. You can add fruits to it or as an accompaniment with your food.You can also whip up some Curd Rice or some delicious desserts.

    Lemon: Citrus foods are not only good for detoxification and your immunity, but they also have an incredible cooling effect on the body. If you don’t like it on your food then you can simply add a few slices to your regular water.

    Buttermilk: Drinking buttermilk in summers is a great way to provide your body with the required probiotics, minerals and vitamins that might be lost due to excessive sweating. It is best to have it fresh, right when it is churned with cooling food items like coriander leaves and cumin powder.

    Fenugreek seeds: One of the most popular home remedies to reduce body heat. A spoonful of fenugreek seeds if consumed raw can bring down the body heat drastically.

    Radish: This food item is rich in water content, vitamin C, and is a great antioxidant that helps lower body heat. Radishes also have anti-inflammatory properties which is useful for fighting heat strokes.

    Bottle gourd: This food item with medicinal properties has close to 96 per cent water content. It’s said that consuming bottle gourd juice acts as a hydrating agent and also aids in treating diarrhoea and constipation.

    Green beans: Green beans are highly nutritious and surprisingly hydrating as well. These can be boiled, steamed, curried or simply added into salads of your choice. An excellent source of Vitamin K, manganese, fibre and vitamin C, green beans are also enriched with antioxidants, flavonoids and facilitate fighting high cholesterol levels.

    Watermelon: Full of antioxidants in summer watermelon can act like an internal air conditioner.

    Cucumber: Full of fibre, cucumbers are high on hydrating properties. You can easily maintain your body heat if you consume it regularly.

    Fennel seeds: The best way to have it is to soak a handful fennel seeds in water overnight, strain it in the morning and have the water to lower body heat.

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