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Although it has transitioned, the ombre trend is here to stay. Get it done right by these expert hairdressers for subtle gradations and a natural-looking soft haze.

Often confused with dip-dye and balayage, ombre is about having depth at the roots that fade into lighter tips. Unlike other hair color trends, this effect is more subtle, making it a great option for the color-shy.

Many women get nervous about taking the plunge as many salons often do not get it right. Look no further; the experts at Toni&Guy are dedicated to mastering the latest hair color trends. It takes great skill to create the slight nuances in shades that perfect the modern ombre.

“We call it blushing. The color is ‘blushed down’ as we go towards the ends of the hair so that it looks like it’s moving,” the directors at Toni&Guy said.

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The color technicians at Toni&Guy offer two different styles. Soft waves, showing a subtle blend of tones, allow movement. An ultra-straight look delivers a dramatic effect. At this hair salon, you get to choose any number and kind of colors as you please to create any style of ombre. You name it and the stylist will get it done.

Coloring your hair is no simple task; the one-size-fits-all approach of the past, no longer exists. Today, your hair color is just that — yours! The professional creates a blend of tones specifically to suit you. Whether you want something subtle or dramatic, temporary or permanent, Toni&Guy experts will make it work for you.

Book an appointment and visit them at Seef Mall’s new extension for a consultation.

Call 17 001-700.

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