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Sunni Endowments distributes Eid Al-Adha gifts, sacrifices

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The Charity Work section at the Sunni Endowments Directorate has distributed the Eid Al-Adha gifts and sacrifices, in coordination with charity societies across the kingdom’s governorates.

Sunni Endowments Director, Youssif Noor, said that the charity projects aim to glorify the rituals of the Islamic religion, following in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), in order to make people happy during the auspicious occasions, and implement the conditions set by those who paid their money for charity work.

He indicated that a budget of BD 14,000 has been allocated for Eid gifts, from which 950 needy children have benefited, and another, valued at BD 9,350, for 170 Eid sacrifices, from which about 700 families have benefited.

He stressed the Sunni Endowments Directorate’s commitment to the precautionary measures taken by the kingdom to combat COVID-19 during the slaughtering of Eid sacrifices, and their delivery to the homes of beneficiaries.

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