Supported Camel Pose [Shalamba Ushtrasana]


    The Camel Pose done using the chair and wall as props is a wonderful supported backbend.

    Props Required:- Chair, Bolster /Pillow, Rolled up blanket

    Organising the Pose:-

    1. Set up a chair about a foot away from a wall so there is enough space for you to slide in between the chair and the wall.

    2. Place a folded mat against the wall with maybe a towel or a blanket over it for padding for the knees.

    3. Place a bolster or a pillow, lengthwise on the chair ,with a rolled
    up blanket at the edge to support your lower back.

    4. Sit in front of the wall, on your knees, which are hip distance apart and the thighs are parallel and touching the wall.

    5. Slowly arch back onto the bolster placed on the chair till the whole upper body is supported on the bolster or pillow. Let your arms be draped overhead and either hold the palms together or the chair for support. The folded blanket at the lower back gives a deeper support for the backbend.

    6. Be in this pose for 3-5 minutes or longer to release the tension in the back.

    Use of Props:-

    You can increase the height of the bolster support on the chair for a deeper backbend.


    1. Increases flexibility in the spine

    2. Stimulates the nervous system.

    3. Opens the chest and shoulders.

    4. Improves the circulation and     digestion.

    5. Stimulates the thyroid gland.

    6. Improves respiration as the chest expands.


    Neelanjana Bharadwaj– Yoga Expert