Balasana is a Sanskrit word, ‘bala’ meaning child and asana meaning pose. It resembles the foetal position and is a deeply relaxing pose specially when done with the use of props.

Props Required :- A bolster or long pillow with added blankets as per the requirement.

Organising the Pose

1. Come into vajrasana which is the seated position with the knees bent, shins pressed against the floor and hips rested on the heels.

2. Keep the bolster/pillow in front of you and widen the knees around the pile. You can increase the height as per convenience using more pillows.

3. Lay forward in Child’s Pose resting the body over the bolster. Arms can rest forward or behind, the head should take equal time resting on both sides.

4. Have enough support under the belly as there should be no strain in the back.

5. Stay in the pose for a minute to more with the head turned on either sides.

6. To come out of the pose place the hands on either side of the bolster pile to support the torso and gently roll up.

Use of Props

-Try a small pillow or blanket below the ankles if there is discomfort

-Try a pillow or blanket between the calves and the back of the thighs if any discomfort.

-Raise the bolster pile if the back hurts.


1. It releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety and encourages steady breathing.

3. Keeps the internal abdominal organs supple.

4. Relieves neck and lower back pain and gently stretches the hips, thighs and ankles.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj– Yoga Expert