This backbend fully opens alongwith full support -it’s like doing the wheel pose without the supports.

    Props Required P:- 1 chair, 1 rolled mat, 1 or 2 pillows.

    Organising the Pose

    1. Keep a chair a few feet from the wall, such that it’s back faces it and the balls of your feet can firmly press against the wall.

    2. Sit backwards on the chair with your legs through the opening. Place your rolled up yoga mat beneath your lower back for support, on the chair.

    3. With your feet pressed against the wall, carefully recline over the Yoga mat. Place the back of your head either on a block at it’s highest height or a couple of stacked pillows.

    4. Take your arms overhead for a shoulder opener[ Rest your hands lightly on the block, with the elbows in towards one another, as you would do in wheel pose] or hold onto the chair for more support

    5. Stay for 5 -10 minutes with steady breathing. Come out of the pose as you went in, slowly and carefully.

    Use of Props-

    l You can reduce the height of the prop below the head for a deeper backbend.


    1. Increases spine mobility without too much strain

    2. Opens the heart and mind

    3. Counteracts rounded shoulders

    4. Improves posture.

    5. Boosts mood by relieving stress

    This pose is deeply restorative and gives immense benefits in improving posture plus relieving stress, if practiced regularly.


    Neelanjana Bharadwaj– Yoga Expert