Supporting Cancer Patients

Cup of Art Event in cooperation with Bahrain Cancer society
About the event?
In solidarity initiative of the “Cup of Art” group announced a new event to support “the Bahrain Society for the fight against cancer” during the three days in Argan village in cooperation with the Association of Bahrain Cancer society and with the participation of a number of artists, hobbyists and other festival-goers who are attracted by the simplicity and brilliance of the colors handled smoothly and absolutely spontaneous.
A group of artist and amateur who felt nobility devote moments described them and their creativity to support cancer patients by donating their work and drawing at the event for sale. Hits saw turnout pointing due to the awareness of the need to support the complex and its importance.
Who are they?
Self-taught, amateur and professional artists eager to spread art spirit around the Island.
The Group evolved to hold ongoing artistic gatherings and events aimed to bring those with interest in art together over a cup of art where their art spirit is revealed.
For any further information and or inquiry, contact
Ms. Lamees Aljamea