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SushiArt Pays Tribute to Stranger Things with Limited Edition Upside-Down SushiBox

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As SushiArt celebrates its 10th anniversary, the premium casual dining destination is elevating its menu to new heights with a special offering inspired by the wildly popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. Introducing the limited-edition Upside-Down Sushi Box, a delicious tribute to the show’s eerie alternate universe. Packed with a variety of sushi & rolls, this unique creation will transport your taste buds to the Upside Down.

The Upside Down SushiBox contains 42 carefully crafted pieces, including 3 new creations, Upside Down Roll,  Vines Sushi, and Red Veggie Sushi alongside regular favourites  Sushi Salmon,  Maki Cheese Avocado, Spring Tuna Cooked Avocado, California Chicken Katsu, Salmon Aburi Roll, and Spring Shrimp. Each piece is made with the finest ingredients and presented with a stunning visual appeal that will satisfy your taste buds and your love for Stranger Things.

“We’re thrilled to launch this special edition sushi box inspired by Stranger Things,” said Nadim Majdalani, CEO of eathos. “SushiArt always aspires to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity and has worked tirelessly to create a sushi experience that pays homage to the show’s iconic imagery and alternate universe. We hope our diners will enjoy the flavours and presentation of this unique sushi box.”

The Upside-Down SushiBox is now available for a limited time in all SushiArt locations, allowing diners to journey into another world of flavours and immerse themselves in the fantastic gourmet universe of SushiArt and Stranger Things.

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Fancy diving into ‘The Upside Down’? Experience the magic of Stranger Things with this limited-edition Upside-Down SushiBox before it disappears. Who knows, you might even bump into Eleven while indulging in this gastronomic delight!

If you’re looking to experience the limited edition Upside-Down SushiBox, visit the Sushi Art website or download the Sushi Art application today.

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