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Act Now campaign by the Ministry of Electricity and Water, along with the support of the National Bank of Bahrain, has recently launched a nationwide competition called “Sustainable Bahrain”. This campaign was conceptualised to encourage the public to share their ideas about their vision of Bahrain that is sustainable. It can be portrayed through any form of art, from hand-drawn artworks, to graphically designed artworks.

A private committee will select the top five most outstanding artworks from all the submissions. Followers of the page will then be asked to vote for their top three picks out of these five artworks. Once the votes are gathered and tabulated, the three grand winners will be announced on the Instagram page on the 30th of September.

Key representatives from NBB will
reward the following prizes to the three grand winners:

1. First Place – 500 Bahraini Dinars

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2. Second Place – 300 Bahraini Dinars

3. Third Place – 200 Bahraini Dinars

Through the Act Now campaign, both EWA and NBB look forward to strengthening the public interaction through building a common vision of attaining a sustainable future for the country. This campaign focuses on the use of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in addition to having a dedicated website for the campaign www.actnowbh.org that was launched last June.  The campaign also includes social media platforms that are used to communicate with all the participants from different fields to encourage being conscious about the environment and make good use of its resources to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

For more information about the contest and to participate with your own artwork, please visit the campaign’s official website: www.actnowbh.org

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