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SwiftKey’s new app

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Artificial intelligence technology being developed by SwiftKey could eventually write whole sentences, or maybe even whole emails, for you.

Credit: SwiftKey
Credit: SwiftKey

A new experimental keyboard app has gone live on Android today that uses neural networks to predict what word you’ll want to type next, and it’s a significant step forward from SwiftKey’s current ‘smart’ keyboard.

The current ‘N-gram’ generation of SwiftKey technology looks at the frequency with which you use certain strings of words to help you type faster. By comparison, SwiftKey Neural looks at ‘clusters’ of words to infer the rough meaning of your sentence.

That means that it knows that ‘Let’s meet at the’ might be followed by a place like ‘office’ or ‘airport. My own standard SwiftKey app thinks ‘Let’s meet at the moment’ is the most likely sentence I wanted to type, as it only goes off things I’ve typed in the past and ‘at the moment’ is something I often type.

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