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Symphonies Of The Self

A musical event celebrated the works of Majeed Marhoon

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Under the patronage of the Bahrain Authority of Culture & Antiquities, the Red Bull Music Academy Presented “Symphonies of the Self’  music concert which premiered for the past two nights (April 8th & April 9th) as part of the Spring of Culture 2016.

The late Bahraini Musician was brought to the surface by the, and the musicians who have been excavating his memories from underground.  As the late Bahraini Composer, Majeed Marhoon’s (1945-2010) symphonies were played for the first time since his passing 6 years ago, audiences who once knew him, and even those only just introduced, were mesmerised by his melodic journeys.

The concert hosted performances of Marhoon’s compositions played by the Bahrain National Orchestra, with a song performed by Salman Zaiman, the founder of Ajrass band, along with electronic reinterpretations of Marhoon’s works performed through a unique collaboration of musicians, including Hasan Hujairi, Esam ‘Cosmo’ Hammad, and international Electronic artists Henrik Schwarz, and Bugge Wasseltoft, who have come together specifically for this project.

The project partners included Ajrass Band, Malja Bahrain, BMMI, the German Embassy, Union Plastics, Novotel Hotel, Vuruz Vision, Elements Cine Productions, the Weekender Newspaper, and Virgin Megastores.

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