Under the patronage of HE Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, held a ceremony to honour industrial that made exceptional efforts to provide quality professional training for their employees working within the sector. The ceremony comes as part of Tamkeen’s efforts to recognise achievements and accomplishments that impact positively on the national economy.

In a speech during the ceremony, Tamkeen’s Vice Chairman Khaled Al Amin said: “Industry is one of the vital sectors that contribute to economic growth, development, and sustainability in the kingdom, and the availability of skilled and technologically qualified individuals is essential to allow the sector to develop its capabilities and operations. Therefore, Tamkeen will continue to support outstanding training efforts by industrial companies and any other business willing to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees with a view to serving the interests of the country in the short and long terms.”

The ceremony is part of Tamkeen efforts to encourage the creation of developmental opportunities for Bahrainis to help them prosper and contribute efficiently to the development of the private sector as the main engine of growth of the national economy. It also comes in line with Tamkeen’s goals of preparing a skilled and qualified  workforce to meet the needs of the various sectors in the kingdom.

More than 150 representatives from the industrial sector attended the ceremony, during which 12 companies were recognised. These included Midal Cables, Awal Dairy, Delmon Poultry Company, and Bahrain Steel, which won the first prizes in each of their respective category out of the four total categories. More than 20 employees were also recognised for their achievements in the development of human resources in the industrial sector.