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Tamkeen to Pay Vocational Training Fees for Companies Until End of Year

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Tamkeen will allocate a special budget to cover vocational training fees previously meant to be paid by companies employing 50 employees or more, until December 2015. Enterprises will be able to utilise the allocated funds to provide their staff with training in line with their annual plans related to the High Council for Vocational Training’s previous programmes, in addition to specific training councils. The decision was made based on the suggestions and opinions of more than 15 sectors that Tamkeen had consulted with on Tuesday, November 3.

The change comes as part of the transfer of the High Council for Vocational Training duties to Tamkeen and the cancellation of the four-percent vocational training levy. The decision will allow companies to benefit from this special budget covering the period between October and December 2015, and will give enterprises the opportunity to continually provide vocational training to their employees without disruption.

Commenting on the announcement, Tamkeen Chairman and Acting CEO, His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa said: “Tamkeen has always valued the feedback of the public as one of the pillars of its operations. Therefore, following discussions with various sectors during the recently held 2015 Consultation Forum, we have obtained a wealth of valuable information to further enhance our operations and programmes.”

“A frequent suggestion made during the session was the need for companies to get vocational training in accordance with their annual plans drawn up at the beginning of the year. These plans would have been affected due to the unavailability of a High Council for Vocational Training budget as well as the cancellation of the levy fee. Based on this feedback, we will cover this budget until the end of 2015, ensuring the continuation of these plans without interrupting the process of vocational training,” he added.

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Tamkeen will continue its cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development as well as other stakeholders to ensure a seamless transfer of the High Council for Vocational Training’s responsibilities to Tamkeen.

Tamkeen will also study the recommendations and opinions of training institutes and companies across different sectors to amend Tamkeen’s current programmes and launch new ones in 2016. This comes as part of Tamkeen’s efforts to ensure the continuation of qualitative vocational training, a key element to develop Bahraini individuals and enterprises that  play a crucial role in furthering and growing the private sector

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