Tamkeen’s Basic Skills Certification Scheme Success

“Tamkeen’s Basic Skills Certification Scheme” receives more than 1,200 students within two months

Since Tamkeen’s Basic Skills Certification Scheme revamp in August 2016, the program received a noticeable success within two months with more than 1,200 Bahraini applications registered in more than 60 specialized certifications with several certified training providers.

Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, praised the revamped scheme and its benefits saying: “Tamkeen is proud to bring back the successful Basic Skills Certification Scheme, as part of Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to create opportunities for Bahrainis to develop their employability skills in order to make Bahrainis the employees of choice for semi-skilled and skilled professions.

Tamkeen announced the relaunch of Basic Skills Certification Scheme in August which has been developed specially to provide Bahrainis with the core skills to increase employment opportunities. The improved program offers a wider scale of the scheme to support and improve individual’s chances in finding suitable jobs. Basic Skills seeks to offer participants with key employability skills such as language and communication, numeracy, information technology and basic professional certifications. When registering, users will be able to select from a list of Tamkeen- quality training providers based on the skills participants prefer.

For more information about Tamkeen’s Basic Skills Certification scheme or Tamkeen’s programs, interested parties can contact Tamkeen via phone at 17383333 or email support@tamkeen.bh