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Tas’heelat Automotive Company Launches its New Brand – Foton

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After the remarkable success that GAC Motor achieved being one of the fastest growing brands in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and with massive attendance, Tas’heelat Automotive Company (TAC) has launched its new brand, Foton, a leading global brand in designing and manufacturing commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and many other.

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From his side, the Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company, Dr. Adel Hubail, praised the Board of Directors’ wise decision to plant the seed of investment in the automotive sector since 1988 by prospecting the future and seeking to support the business model of the company as well as investing time, money, and resources in order to understand and master the operation management of automotive distribution with a professional business thought. Dr. Adel also added: “We have launched TAC in the year 2015 with a vision that aims towards providing high quality vehicles and services with highest quality standards and that is what we have done to be capable of placing our fingerprint with merit and made an unprecedented leap in the sales of GAC Motor vehicles in which it is ranked as one of the fastest growing and spreading brand in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

In addition, the General Manager of TAC, Mr. Bareer Jassim stated that: “Today we announce the launching of Foton brand, one of the great brands that is filled with achievement and creativity for the comfort and safety of drivers on the road and to be able to continuously work with minimum operation costs. Foton, which is manufactured in cooperation with the German brand Daimler AG and the American brand Cummins is ranked as one of the best and fastest developing brands and is considered one of the biggest trucks manufacturers with high annual growth as it has succeeded since its establishment to manufacture more than 6 billion vehicles in its factories and covered the scope of commercial vehicles through full series of commercial vehicles including light, medium, and heavy trucks, transportation vehicles (13 passengers and cargo) as well as buses all of which are compatible with the standards in the GCC where it has proved to bear with the climate circumstances in this area with ease. Foton also comes with global quality standards, high credibility and dependability to meet the requirements of the Kingdom of Bahrain market.”


Mr. Bareer also added: “We ensure to provide the best value for money to help organizations reduce their operation costs and failure time where Foton has succeeded in consolidating its position as being a leading company in the commercial vehicles sector supported with distinctive services and sophisticated after sales service center where the vehicles come with free warranty and maintenance for three years or 60,000 KM.”

Foton is also considered one of the leading spare parts manufacturers globally due to its high growth in its commercial operations on global aspect as well as the value of its investments that are more than 30 one billion Yuan while the mother company is employing more than 40,000 employees and has wide appearance in all commercial vehicles’ categories that are being manufactured in cooperation with prestigious brands in this industry.

At the end, Mr. Bareer has invited the attendees to visit Foton’s showroom that is located in Sitra to get to know the latest available models closely from Saturday to Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.


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