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“Tenmou” launches Collective Hub’s second branch

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“Collective Hub”, a business incubator backed by “Tenmou”, announced the official start of work at its new headquarters in Bahrain Bay. This new branch has innovatively built halls and offices that create a perfect meeting and working environment for entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

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Mr. Nawaf AlKoheji, CEO of “Tenmou”, stated that the start of the “Collective Hub” work in this headquarters in Bahrain Bay was experimental during the last stage by hosting some events and incubating some ideas and projects, “Today, we are ready to officially welcome our partners from existing and future “Tenmou” beneficiaries, and we are confident that this new branch will assist them in launching their creative ideas, therefore encouraging greater innovation and development.” Mr. AlKoheji said.

Mr. AlKoheji said that the new headquarters of “The Collective Hub” supports the expansion and growth operations witnessed by “Tenmou” and inspired by the goals of the esteemed government’s economic recovery plan announced last November, and primarily keep pace with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s economic vision 2030, which focuses on innovation, building a knowledge economy, and supporting economic growth.

Ms. Khawla Alshaikh, Director of the “Collective Hub” branch in Bahrain Bay, revealed that the first incubated firm is “Flat6labs,” which was founded in Bahrain in 2015 and acts as a business accelerator in the MENA area, emphasizing Collective Hub 2’s preparedness to incubate other regional and worldwide qualitative innovation initiatives.

Ms. Khawla Alshaikh

Ms. Khawla added that the main headquarters of “Collective Hub” in “Aladliya” will continue to operate as normal, providing assistance and incubation to dozens of entrepreneurs and events, emphasizing that “Tenmou’s” two branches now allow it to expand regionally and serve additional partners.

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