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Thai Expo SME ONE FEST in Bahrain 2019

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Thai Expo SME One Fest in Bahrain 2019, the grand exhibition extravaganza of the year will be held at Gulf Convention Hall, Manama, from 11th to 12th September 2019. Variety of Thai products and services provided by OSMEP (Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion) and cluster of entrepreneurs will be present at the venue. Around 120 representatives of 70 fashion, food, cosmetics and technology companies are flying in for the participation in SME ONE Fest.

This is also an open door for trade and commerce between Thailand and Bahrain. The objectives of the Expo is to promote business matching and good relationship between clusters of entrepreneurship. The Expo will also promote new enterprises in Spa Industry to export know-how personnel to foreign countries. This will be a platform for business expansion of various products and brands in the spa & wellness industry. The Expo will also explore the market demand in Bahrain by using “Spa &wellness market place” to and apply it for product development to meet the needs of the market.

The visitors will have a chance to explore market opportunity in running B2B and B2C businesses. Important sessions and highlights of the Expo include MOU & G2G, P2P and business matching & market place between B2B & B2C.

Many shows and performances throughout the fest that will keep the visitors entertained. Admission is Free both days.

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