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He experiments with different media to create unique art forms, blurring lines that separate painting, wood carving and making collages. Meet Hussein Al Noaimi, the man who perceives art as meditation!

‘Artoholic’ is an interesting term. Why do you call yourself so?

I perceive art as meditation. It’s the time I go into another world, where everything is full of colors and my path is like a blank canvas. And I am addicted to that serenity—that moment; therefore I proudly call myself as an Artoholic.

Tell us briefly how you were initiated into painting and other forms of art.

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IMG_8302My passion for art and colors began when I was a kid. We had renovations going on at home, there was a blank  new wall which divided the sitting  area and the kitchen. And that wall became my first ever canvas. I asked my dad if I could draw there, and he agreed and that was that.  For many years, my creation became the focal point in the sitting area. Everyone  who came home loved my art.  That encouraged me to go to art classes. I used to go to learn art  after school hours.

As I grew older, studies and  then job took most of my time, I  could not manage time and I got drifted away from my passion. Until one day, I decided to take a leap  of faith and leave my full time job  and concentrate on business. My business, of a unique gift gallery in Budaiya gave me a chance to travel  a lot to the far east. And that’s when  I rekindled my romance with the  arts. I visited numerous art galleries which inspired me pick up my  paint brush and make something unique.

Which are the various media that you have experimented with? Who has been your inspiration?

I have experimented a lot, I keep myself open to surprises; it’s like being on the edge. Sometimes I fall and other times new, unexpected possibilities of expression and technique become available to me. I usually work with mixed media art. I love mixing 3-4 different techniques in one piece. I love the roughness of a collage and the finishing of the work with acrylics.

My experimentation with Wood transfer as an art form is my newest passion. There is something very beautiful about the roughness or the ruggedness of wood as a form of art.

Which media do you plan to experiment with in the future?

I will continue to experiment, with different forms of media. I also make an extra effort to remain constantly open to new possibilities and innovative ways. In this way, I give new creative processes the opportunity to carry me forward. Whatever inspires me, I will drift that way. I also make an extra effort to remain constantly open to new possibilities and innovative ways.

What have been the major challenges in your path so far?

Lack of tools and proper equipments which are not easily available in Bahrain.

Do you feel that a formal training is essential to pursue arts?

Basics are necessary, so formal training for basics is great. However, having said that Passion is the most important. Without passion, no matter whatever training you have you will not succeed. Love what you Do, and Do what you love.

Do you want to startup an institute to train artists in your chosen form of art?

It will be my honor to be able to pass my passion to others who are equally passionate. However, lets what the future has in store.

What kind of help and support do you seek to help reach your goal?

Support and appreciation from the people of Bahrain will be the biggest help any local artist would seek. And I am the same. I want people to love my art, the same way I do, and let me be known for what I do.

Have you participated/ held exhibitions in Bahrain or in any other place? Give us a list of the last few.

I am fairly new in the art scene in Bahrain, I haven’t participated in any exhibitions until now. However, this year I would be looking into getting myself involved in various art platforms. In the mean time, my home in Saar is open for all who love art and would like to see what I do. It’s a place where my work will be easily available for purchase right from the comfort of my home. And it’s open for everyone to come and share with me my passion.



What is your message to aspiring artists of the country?

Don’t be afraid of experimenting, sometimes you will fail, but from all failures you will learn. Don’t give up and follow your passion.

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