The Avenues-Bahrain Launches “Let it Glow” Awareness Event


The Avenues-Bahrain, in cooperation with Sahabat Amal team, held “let it glow” event to promote health education initiative.  The event included the participation of Dr. Mariam Baki, a Consultant Dermatologist, and her medical team, who offered advice and instructions to visitors on how to care for skin and ways to prevent complications, in addition to distributing symbolic gifts and organizing activities for children.

The event was held on 15-16th February on two periods; morning and evening in The Avenues-Bahrain.

Through this event, the management of The Avenues-Bahrain aims to raise awareness about psoriasis, common skin problems and symptoms using educational technology. It also confirmed that this support comes under the strategy of sustainability and social responsibility towards awareness projects, through which the management supports multiple voluntary and non-profitable organizations that are dedicated to humanitarian work.

“Sahabat Amal team” is a voluntary team that was founded in 2017 by a group of students from the Faculty of Medicine at the Arabian Gulf University, who have a passion for giving and helping others. The team aims to instill the concept of volunteerism and philanthropy initiatives in various medical, humanitarian and awareness-raising fields. The team also offers the necessary health care, financial aid, and moral support to individuals and poor and damaged communities.

This initiative follows the successful awareness campaign held by The Avenues-Bahrain last October to raise awareness of breast cancer, as well as another campaign launched in November to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

The Avenues-Bahrain continues in interacting with society through initiative that raise awareness about health concerns and encourage society to pay attention to health care issues.