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The Concept of Meditation

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The concept of meditation is most misunderstood, specially in the modern times. Most of the meditation techniques are geared towards controlling the mind to finally transcend it. Meditation is a means of gaining control over the mind and its by product is an efficient functioning of the body which results in a general state of well being and overall equanimous state.

There are various forms of meditation to suit different levels of practitioners. Some of the techniques for meditation involve breath observation, visualization, auto suggestion, mantra chanting, concentration on a single object, non judgmental awareness of thoughts etc. Most of these methods entail training the senses and the mind to dissociate from the object and stand apart as a witness. Thoughts are viewed without any identification, judgements or resistance. Hence meditation practice helps in developing single pointlessness or concentration.

Regular meditation practitioners becomes mindful through all their actions. So what starts as a technique of practice slowly becomes a habit evolving into a state of wellbeing. The gentleness of the 20-30 minutes of practice carries itself through the rest of the day thus leaving the practitioner in a zen like meditative state even through the most stressful situations of their life.

Once the mind is meditative, the fluctuations of the mind lose their power to overwhelm and sway the individual. Meditation brings mindfulness into the day to day activities. Mindfulness means bring aware of what you are doing at the time of doing, no matter what the activity is that one is engaged in.

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Hence the concept of meditation is deep and gets ingrained into one’s very life, ensuring a subtle and beautiful state of being!


Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert


Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more

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