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The annual event that has captured the imagination of writers, artists, and enthusiasts alike has once again graced the vibrant island of Bahrain. The Bahrain Writers’ Circle (BWC), in all its resplendent glory, presents “Confluence: Where Words and Images Meet,” a remarkable exhibition that seamlessly blends the realms of literature and art. Nestled within the captivating environs of the Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH), this extraordinary event has brought together over 60 participants from diverse backgrounds, uniting their creative prowess to birth awe-inspiring works of art.

Under the esteemed patronage of Shura Council Member Dr Mohammed Al Khuzaie, the opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on Saturday, October 14. The exhibition, located on the second floor of the Harbour Gate, was opened by Dr Al Khoazie in the presence of BFH chief executive Alex Craine and was attended by art enthusiasts, guests, and families of BWC members and participants.

“Today, as we gather here at the exhibition Confluence, we are reminded of the power of art to connect, inspire, and challenge,” Dr Al Khoazie told Bahrain This Week.
“The diverse expressions of creativity that fill these walls bring together different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Let this exhibition serve as a reminder that through art, we can bridge barriers and truly understand the beauty of our shared humanity. I take this opportunity to congratulate the organisers, the Bahrain Writers’ Circle for this amazing initiative. It definitely adds value to Bahrain’s cultural vibrancy.”

The Bahrain Financial Harbour Gate, a bastion of architectural magnificence, has ideally set the stage for the exhibition, with its towering presence, complemented by the palpable energy within, serving as a perfect backdrop for Confluence.

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“We are proud to support Bahraini and international artists by providing them with event space and a platform to showcase their talent in Bahrain, enhancing our contribution to society,” said Mr Craine.

“We have established a series of popular “Art at BFH” solo exhibitions with more than 60 displays over the past six years and are delighted to welcome back the group exhibition “Confluence” for the sixth consecutive time as part of our annual events calendar.”

This year’s exhibition, as always, meticulously curated by BWC members, stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of words and images. The display is composed of written and artistic creations by 30 teams that have embarked on a mutual voyage of inspiration, striving to create masterpieces that intertwine the realms of literature and visual art. Words served as the starting point for some, providing the muse for breathtaking artistic renderings. Conversely, artists forged the path for writers, imparting a visual narrative that provoked the outpouring of lyrical prose and poignant poetry.

“Words and pictures that invite you to step out of the ordinary, out of your everyday hustle… this unique tradition that has carried on over the years is what we are – the Bahrain Writers’ Circle,” said BWC director Saira Ranj.
“Scenes that are universal, experiences that are personal… how the words of a poet and the interpretations of an artist slice through you to reveal so much more about you. Confluence is a project where you find the myth and the magic surrounding you. And yet another tradition we continue is to be based in this unique hub that passionately promotes the cause of the arts and drives communities together socially, commercially, and culturally- the Bahrain Financial Harbour. We invite you to visit us and explore facets of this unique venture for yourself.”

Confluence, an extraordinary amalgamation of arts, beckons all who seek inspiration, enlightenment, and the unyielding pursuit of intellectual and aesthetic stimulation. The exhibition, open to the public, runs until October 19.

As in previous years, the “Confluence” brochure is produced as a digital version, accessible to everyone. Exhibits will have a QR code shown next to their artworks on display, and visitors to Harbour Gate just have to scan the code in order to be directed to a virtual brochure that includes a write-up on the relevant writer/artist teams with bios and contact information. The brochure will also be available for download on the BWC’s website: Bahrain Writers’ Circle: Writers Writing (bwcbh.com).

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