The Domain Hotel and Spa is proud to announce the launch of the – Privé Jazz Lounge. The Domain hosted a Grand Opening of this exclusive Jazz Lounge on Friday 28th September in the presence of distinguished, high profile guests and members of the media. The Privé Jazz Lounge welcomed its international celebrity entertainer Sandi Thom who opened to a crowd of keen music enthusiasts and fans whilst she performed her interpretation of classic jazz and blues songs mixed with Sandi’s original material including her no.1 hit.

“The Domain Hotel and Spa, has always sought to be a hotel that brings people together over great conversation with a deep appreciation of music, art, food and culture. The Privé Jazz Lounge adds another new exciting chapter in our journey and we’re honoured to be working with industry greats such as Sandi Thom, who is a multi-record selling and #1 chart topping artist internationally having performed at sold out concerts.” said Frank Normann Eikeland, General Manager, The Domain Hotel and Spa. “This is a great opportunity for the Kingdom of Bahrain to elevate the experiences we offer our guests.”

The exclusive Grand Opening opened its doors to an enthralling performance by artist Sandi Thom who began with a series of classic jazz songs on the grand piano followed by contemporary pieces on the guitar and harmonica until midnight. Guests were served themed cocktails, canapés and sharing platters, which was designed to be reminiscent of renowned jazz lounges in New Orleans. Sandi Thom, a Scottish born singer, has been active in the music scene since 2004. She is renowned for her sensational voice, having graduated from the Liverpool School of Performing Arts. Persistent to chase after her musical dream, she made her way to the international music scene and has performed live to sold out concerts across the world. Her songs have peaked at No. 1 in Australia for 12 weeks. Sandi then proceeded to start a record label, Guardian Angel Records. Her voice is said to have the “oomph of Joan Osbourne”. She has appeared on the same stage as the King of Blues himself, BB. King, and has toured Europe with Guitar Virtuoso, Joe Bonamassa!

This renowned artist is taking up a weekly residence at The Domain’s newly launched Privé Jazz Lounge every Friday night. She will be performing some of her own songs, along with renditions of blues, soul and jazz classics. Sandi says “ This has gotten off to an exhilarating start and I’m excited to partner with The Domain Hotel and Spa to launch the Privé Jazz Lounge. To be performing on a local stage playing the songs I grew up with and that have had such a huge influence on me; is wonderful to allow me to connect with the people of Bahrain and visitors to this beautiful island that I now call home.”

The Privé Jazz Lounge will be open to the public from October 5th and will host exclusive nights every Friday thereafter themed as ‘An Evening with Sandi Thom’. Guests would have to contact the hotel to pre-book their tables to be able to join in on this specially curated experience courtesy The Domain Hotel and Spa. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and performances will start at 9 p.m. until midnight.