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The Father of AI in the Kingdom by Dr Jassim Haji

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When I was writing about characteristics of a effective global business and organizational leader, I couldn’t avoid mentioning an example in H.E Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh, Shura Chairman who has a role model for all time effective organizational leaders in the region since 1975, who started a s member of founding council and continue as chairman of stock exchange to minsters of commerce and industry then minster of municipality until leading Shura Council and I personally consider him also a father of Artificial Intelligence in the kingdom, with his characteristics which are included in the below.


Self-awareness is key to becoming an effective global leader by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders who are self-aware hire people who have strengths in areas they are weak and more likely to listen to ideas from people with divergent perspectives.


Effective global leaders need to be patient as it reinforces the importance of focusing on long-term outcomes (i.e. strategic planning, program management, people development). In today’s climate acting with speed is a desired attribute people want in leaders as it helps them get ahead of the competition. 

Effective Communication

Business leaders need to effectively communicate with everyone in manner conducive to all. This is essential when managing from a distance. They need to speak well, be charismatic, deliver a compelling message, and command an audience that spark the interests of others.

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Big Picture Perspective

Having a clear view of the future of the organization is an essential skill for a global leader. Effective global leaders are always thinking ahead and moving forward. Their extensive industry knowledge enables them to anticipate future trends. They have a longer-term view of the business and market, allowing them to generate business strategies that translate into meaningful goals and objectives in the organization.


The best leaders are curious, have a thirst for knowledge and open to new experiences. Effective global leaders explore and investigate, and always ask open ended “why” and “how” questions.


Organizations are ever-changing environments with multi-layer complexities. Effective global leaders need to not be resistant to change and be able to be versatile and adapt to dynamic environments with shifting priorities.


Effective corporate leaders are innovative and think outside the box. Creative global leaders are in tune with the current trends and
not afraid to explore and try new things.


Effective leaders who are trustworthy are well respected. Generally, people work with others they feel have integrity and will lead them on the right path. Organization leaders are viewed as transparent, sincere, dependable, and promise keepers and people are more willing to be more productive working for someone they trust.


leaders are compassionate and caring. They are empathetic, genuinely care about their colleagues and mindful of their needs.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional awareness, persistence, and resilience are important traits for global leaders to master, especially stressful circumstances.  leaders are aware of the source of their emotions and are capable of sensing and responding effectively in situations that are emotionally charged.

by Dr Jassim Haji

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