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The Goofy Cow Burger goes Blue this April for Autism Awareness Month

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Burger brand will release limited edition blue bun with proceeds going to Dubai Autism Center

With April being Autism Awareness month, The Goofy Cow Burger is turning its burger blue to help build understanding of Autism, a spectrum disorder that has many different permeations and is estimated to affect at least 1 in 54 children. The campaign will run at The Goofy Cow Burger branches at Citywalk and Dubai Marina throughout the month of April.

Partnering with the Dubai Autism Center (DAC), the ‘I AM BLUE’ campaign will see AED 10 from each I AM BLUE Burger go to the center to expand on their student capacity. Served in a freshly baked blue bun, the 130gr US Black Angus patty, will be topped with homemade date jam, Brie cheese and Zataar mayonnaise, with a vegan option also available. The blue colour of the bun is achieved using natural colours derived from Spirulina. Additionally, diners can ask for a blue bun on any of the restaurant’s burgers, also with AED 10 being donated.

“We’re pleased that The Goofy Cow Burger is bringing this important message to the community and doing it in a way that encourages others to get onboard with supporting the distinct learning needs of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” said Mohammed Al Emadi, Director General of Dubai Autism Center.

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The Hungarian brand entered the UAE market last year, but started their Autism campaign in Budapest in April 2021 together with the “Együtt az autistákért alapítvány” (Together for Autistics Foundation) where they developed a blue bun and a special monthly burger called “Együtt Burger” (Together Burger). The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness for autism, get more people to donate and to do it in a fun and new way for everyone.

Gergely Szabo, Founder & CEO, The Goofy Cow Burger, said of the campaign: “Autism affects people around the world, both males and females, and we wanted to get on board with a campaign that would support those living with the condition, those who supports people with Autism, and help provide more spaces for children with Autism to get the tools and education that will help them in their future lives. We wanted something that was fun and visual, something that could get the community on board and allow everyone to do their bit.”

The chain has also partnered with the Dubai Autism Center to have their staff trained through a series of workshops and field visits in preparation for the Autism-Friendly Certification. DAC assesses, educates and provides information on how to interact and engage with customers with Autism.

“We’re incredibly proud to be part of the Autism-Friendly programme, ensuring that our service team can be supportive and respectful of customers that are on the Autism Spectrum, and that they have a space to come to that is compassionate towards them.”

At The Goofy Cow Burger, the ingredients, flavours, and service are all designed to complement each other and provide a complete sensory experience, where every detail provides a memorable experience that customers will cherish for a long time. With attentive service, exquisite food, and a welcoming atmosphere, The Goofy Cow Burger is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a culinary journey that is out of the ordinary.

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