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The Healing Mystery in Quantum

With the quantum touch healer, Ms Anfal Qaisi

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Healing ones in agony has always been considered one of the noblest deeds in all the religions across the globe. No wonder, doctors and alternate healers have always been considered the chosen ones for humanity. From the world of laws and theories of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, there comes the new branch of alternate medicine, The Quantum Touch. Ms. Anfal Qaisi, the first and the only woman in the Middle East to be a quantum touch certified instructor and practitioner gave BTW an exclusive look into this unique practice where the laws of physics is being used as a method of rejuvenation.

“I had undergone a knee replacement surgery few years back and was about to go under the knife again.” Anfal gave her personal experience with quantum touch. “When I went for the first instruction session of Richard Gordon, the master of quantum touch, I was on a wheel chair. It was an eye opener. From there on, I am my own healer.” She said with a smile.

When we asked her to give us a brief about the practice, she said, “Every matter in this universe is made of energy. If you go to the tiniest of the particle, you may reach the electrons and protons. When considering humans, it is going into the energy at cellular level, where each cell comes together to build the whole structure. It is this energy that we utilize to heal the ones who comes with an ailment. Every person emits an aura or an energy circle that is compatible with the energy resource of the universe. In quantum touch, the practitioners use their energy to level up the patient’s energy and build the equilibrium.” Anfal reveals, “It’s not magic, its physics and practice.”

Quantum touch is a powerful tool that teaches how to focus, amplify and direct the flow of energy that constitutes the nature. “This flow of energy is termed as Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit.” Anfal noted. “If one can learn to properly control this energy, you can even relocate dislocated bones and even grow cartilages. But of course it may take time for the process to reach its final goal.”

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It was now time for BTW to shoot the question, “If the healing process by quantum touch is painless and is affordable for any man, why do people still opt for the allopathic medicine?” Anfal patiently explained, “It depends on individuals. People consider going for any alternate medicines when they are left with no options in other curing methods.” “When asked to choose between green salad and a juicy burger for lunch how many will go for first option? Life has changed a lot and we are moving on a fast paced road. We have moved far away from living with the beat of the nature. And that doesn’t mean other medical practices are to be totally avoided” she finishes with a smile of content. “Time taken for healing, using the Quantum Touch, depends on the patient. Unless you believe in what your practitioner is doing for you, healing can’t happen and it’s the same in all practices.” Anfal reminds us.

Anfal is also the president of the distant healing group called “Shifahouse – where healing happens”, which consists of healers across the globe including Canada, Philippines and India. “Healing over distance has been found very effective. When the distance grows between individuals, the individual energy travels through the universal source of energy and thus becomes more powerful.” Anfal explains, “It’s like, you being here in Bahrain knowing that your sister is in need at the other corner of the world even before people near her knows that.”

We are a part of a universe where there is more than what meets the common eye. Thanks to modern science, that we have an answer to all the questions in our mind. But there is no point in hiding that we are now going back searching through our old books to learn the techniques of fruitful living. And Quantum touch is one such practice that may bring you one step closer to what you are looking for.

For more details visit the QT website

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