Khutwa, a non-profit organisation under the wing of Bahrain Trust Foundation, kicks-off the second edition of its annual outdoor event ‘The K market’. The event, which is taking place at Water Garden City kicked off on Thursday 20th of December 2018 and will run for three-weekends, ending on the 5th of January 2019.

Founded in 2014, Khutwa was established with the aim of promoting three main pillars Self-sustainability, Recreation and Welfare. The K Market is one of the many initiatives undertaken by Khutwa to raise money for the organisation and its causes, and is in line with their mission to create smart and practical solutions which secure a better life for people in need.

Beyond raising money, the market aims to promote home businesses by acting as a platform for them to grow and gain exposure, establishing them within the market as a result. Additionally, it aims to support other charitable causes whilst providing a  hub for local performers and artists to showcase their talent.

Commenting on this occasion, Chairman of Khutwa Khalid Sater said, “We are proud to launch the second edition of The K Market, following the great success we witnessed during the first edition. Featuring food, live entertainment and a friendly atmosphere, the K Market has something for every member of the family to enjoy.”

“The aim of The K Market was to create a platform for local business and talents to show case their work and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their offerings. Hence, this year we decided to run the event for three-weekends in order to provide as many vendors as possible with the opportunity to highlight their products from weekend to weekend,” further commented Khalid Sater.

Following the success of the previous edition in 2017, which attracted over 3,500 visitors over 3 days, this year’s K Market has doubled in size and will run over three-weekends. The market will feature shopping, food, live entertainment and a kids’ area. Admission for children below 7 years of age is free, those aged 7 and above will have an entry fee of BD2 with all funds going towards the support of the charitable cause.