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Immemorial lunch with Mr. David Pomeranz

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The enormous crowd at the BIC, was falling in love again. The master figure on the stage was creating magic on guitar, piano, drums and vocals alike. David Pomeranz, the King of love songs was finally making the last night of Eid Al Adha holidays as romantic as it can ever get. The American Singer, composer, lyricist was in Bahrain for as part of the Bahrain in Harmony Live Concert organized by the Reem Event management.

“I liked the concept of the concert – Bahrain in Harmony. Finding a venue for everyone to get together and enjoy music in harmony. And I have been looking forward to visit Bahrain since my visit to Qatar and Dubai. ”says David with a smile when asked about his first time travel to the Kingdom. “Thanks to Suzanne and Baldago for the invite and am here in Bahrain.”

“The crowd is different in different places”, says the maestro musician who is a crowd puller himself. “It’s interesting, as I have done completely different kinds of shows. Sometimes I get to perform for the Philippine crowd who are more familiar with my songs and other times it’s mixed.” Continues David about his concert night in Bahrain, “What I liked the best about last night (Bahrain in Harmony), it was not for any group in particular. There were Americans, Europeans, people above any race of culture coming together to share the same experience of being human. That’s what I always try to achieve through my concerts and honestly, I enjoy that the most. ”

David has always been an artist, who loves to share the limelight with his audience. The down to earth singing sensation had the following to say about this, “The artists who have inspired me as performers have always been like that. That’s what makes each of my show unique, where the vibes are different, the beats are different and it becomes an experience worth having together as audience.” He continued with a smile of satisfaction, “It’s not philosophical but a reality which always comes true”.

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Well known for his unbeatable musicals with three different instruments, we asked David to choose his favorite. “They accomplish different things for me each time.” He answered without a second thought. “Guitar is more rhythmic and I enjoy writing and performing more rhythmic things. The Piano of course is famously beautiful. It has got all those colors and grandeur and sweetness of the singer. So when I write my ballads or compose for the theatres and the Broadway shows, it is my piano. I play the drums as I enjoy the rhythm they convey.” David also quotes, “I purposefully split it as I get different forms of expressions with different instruments.”

“I really love and have been raised on listening to classics from the 30s to the rock in the 70s. I recently did an album of the songs from the 80s like ‘the search is over’ and ‘you are the inspiration’ [you are the meaning in my life, you are the inspiration, he hums], which were like the hard rock versions. But I am really looking forward to do an album of old classic songs from George Greshwin, Leonard Bernstein and Ira Greshwin. Like bringing them back to life.” This holds true as one of the best parts of Bahrain in Harmony show was the duet performance by David and the co host Ms Isabel Granada, ‘When I fall in love’.

A love letter from David is soon coming out for the Pilipinos across the globe. As he didn’t want to give out any further details about this surprise package, we would like our dear readers to watch out for this new release which is sure to be collectors’ item for the David Pomeranz fans across the globe.

When asked about coming back to Bahrain, David was all thrilled, “I will be back here in a minute any time. We were just about to getting familiar with this place and beginning feel for the country. The people here are so loving and open hearted.”

“As Americans we miss a lot about this region of the world. And one has to actually come here to experience the spiritual orientation towards life.” David was all awe towards living in the Arab world. “Back in there it is more of a materialist approach towards the necessities of life. Even with the people who are really rich here, their life is spun around the spiritual outlook, which is ancient, alive and precious which is not available anywhere else.” He notes.

Coming from the state of Florida in US, David Pomeranz has performed at prestigious venues including the Hollywood bowl, Kennedy Center, Olympic Stadium in Kremlin and Munich. With more than millions of album copies sold worldwide, David is a phenomenon himself, who can make any one fall in love with the magic of his mesmerizing songs.


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