At the time of its inception, the new ES team was tasked with creating a completely fresh design concept, embodying both ‘Exciting’ and ‘Elegant’ based on the ‘Provocative Elegance’ design keywords. A new Global Architecture (GA-K) was developed by Lexus to create beautiful low and wide proportions and an even more comfortable drive experience.

The new GA-K allowed the new ES to experience an elevated level of luxury and elegance with a few design elements that have transformed the exterior into a menacing, yet distinctly captivating product of craftsmanship.

The all new interior designs are meant to be focused on comfort. The approach was to realise a space that encourages enjoyable driving for the driver and offer an elegant environment for the passengers. Lexus interiors are designed based on the ‘seat in control’ concept, where the entire interior architecture is centred on the occupants.

Lexus Design division Project Chief Designer Mr. Yasuo Kanji commented, “The overall aim was to create an advanced and modern impression through the design and textures of elements such as a snug cockpit, centred around the driver, and TAKUMI craftsmanship; the Japanese word meaning “artisan”, in the form of “Hadori” ornamentation inspired by the Japanese traditional sword”

Mr. Yasuo Kajino was responsible for coordinating the overall design of the Lexus RC and RC F. In 2014 Mr. Kajino joined the 7th generation ES team as the project Chief Designer.

Lexus has invested heavily into redesigning the all-new 2019 ES which is set to be launched in the Kingdom on the upcoming 1st of September 2018. The new model promises various exciting upgrades that are set to impress Lexus enthusiasts.

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