The New Traffic Law Has Been Reformed For Your Safety

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

Thinking of Re-thinking Seriously? Great Idea!

With the implementations of the new traffic laws, which now impose penalties that pinch out wallet and hand out jail terms which mean to teach the wayward a lesson, it is high time most of us gave up our old habits on the road and take the new laws seriously!

Remember, when we drive within the given speed limit and according to the rules of the road, when we stop at the red-light instead of jumping it, when we keep out of a clogged yellow box, we are not doing the government or the other road-users a favor. We are merely saving our own lives, our own vehicle from getting damaged and our own time by not falling foul of the law.

Today’s first and foremost law that we, Bahrain This Week, are going to discuss is HAZARDS OF SPEEDING-

I know sometimes most of us want to speed up like beyond limits and show off a little with your vehicle; but why? Have you every asked this question to yourself? Bahrain is a lovely island with hardly any distances if you have a car, compared to distances, say in India or America or even Australia. Just think about it. If you choose to rush, for example from Adliya to the airport at an average speed of 110 km per hour, you might reach in 12 minutes where as if you drive at a comfortable average pace of 80 km per house it might take you 16 minutes! Is rushing at breakneck speed to save 4 minutes worth it? Are you going at achieve anything big? The truth is, we al love to speed for the sheer pleasure of it or out of habit, to outrace each other, to catch that green light in the distance before it turns red, throwing not even a glance at the speed limits specified alone the road. It’s very important we break out of this cycle of speeding. Better to leave home or office 4 minutes early than trying to make up on the road. Do keep this in mind, many of those who were “trying to make up” ended up in the hospital or morgue!

We shall continue with our next discussion next week, so stay tuned! Remember, Safety first, everything else can be dealt with later!