The Psychology of Summer Vacations

Do you take full advantage of your vacation, or does your vacation pass too quickly, making you feel as if you never got any time off? Do you return from a holiday just as stressed as when you left work (or even more so)?

Bahrain This Week lists out 5 strategies that will help make your vacations way more enjoyable, and help you get back to work happy and refreshed as ever!

Use all of your vacation time.

Space your vacations out with several mini-vacations throughout the year in addition to your one or two ‘maxi-vacations’. Don’t keep saving for the “best vacation ever!”

Do something different each day.

Don’t just go to the beach every day, but try to do something unique each day. It will make your vacation seem longer and leave you with lasting memories!

Go someplace different each year.

Of course, there is comfort in the familiar, and many of us love going to that special place, but do realise that your memories will begin to merge because of the sameness and routine. So go back to #2 and do something different each trip.

Don’t photograph your way through the entire vacation.

Research has shown that taking pictures sort of frees our memory from making lasting images in our minds. So, definitely take pictures of those special sights and places, but don’t try to photograph everything. Use your mind’s eye, as well as the camera’s.

Disconnect from work.

Most of us tend to check our cell phones that connect us to work. STOP! You’ve come for a vacation for a reason; so get that vacation going, not that cell phone of yours.

For your next vacation, keep these strategies in mind and see if it doesn’t lead to a better and more memorable experience.