The Seatbelt – Your Saviour

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

“Wear your seatbelt!” is the most popular message doing the rounds on public media, and with good reason. Most of us do strap up just as soon as we take our seats in a vehicle, but some of us just couldn’t be bothered! This week, at Bahrain This Week, we tell you WHY the seatbelt is a must.

Whether you are driving on back roads or main highways, your seatbelt can save your life in the event of an accident. This holds true for drivers and passengers alike.

There are many ways in which seatbelts are helpful.

It keeps the occupants of the vehicle inside the vehicle instead of being flung out by the impact of a crash. It spreads out the force from a collision over a wide area of the body, thereby putting less stress on any one particular part, helping to avoid serious injury.

The shoulder strap helps keep your head and upper body away from the dashboard, steering wheel, and other hard interior parts of the automobile should you stop suddenly or be hit by another vehicle. Wearing a seatbelt protects your brain and spinal cord from deadly and life-altering injuries.

Adjust your seat belt correctly. Getting the right fit is as important as wearing it. The strap that goes across your lap should fit snugly over your hips and upper thigh area. Shoulder belts should rest securely across your chest and shoulders.

The first thing that’s taught at the driving school in the Kingdom Of Bahrain is to put on your seatbelt as soon as you adjust your seat in your vehicle. It hardly takes a second or so.

Let your seatbelt be your constant and trusted driving companion. RETHINK!