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The Sri Lankan Delight – Rampe

Taste of Tradition with Chef- Gayan Sameera Kolambaje

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Rampe, a Sri Lankan delight that takes you on a tour with their cuisine is located in Um Al Hassam, Kingdom Of Bahrain. The spices, décor, service, culinary etc. teams up and gives you a great experience of the Lankan Land! We, Bahrain This Week, bring you our Chef of the week being, Chef Gayan Sameera Kolambaje and Dish of the week being, Spicy Crab Red Curry with Drumstick Leaves. Srilankan food and the word spicy go really well I must say!

Crab 1kg
Curry powder 100g
Chili powder 60g
Tamarind 30g
Vegetable oil 10ml
Clove 5g
Coriander seed 5g
Cardamom 3g
Cinnamon sticks 4g
Mustard seed 5g
Curry leaves 5g
Drumstick leaves 5g
Sliced onion 15g
Chopped garlic 10g
Chopped ginger 10g
Chopped celery 5g
Chopped lemon 5g
Chopped tomato 10g
Coconut milk 50ml
Salt 6g
Pepper powder 5g
Stock powder 5g
Lime juice 6ml
Rampé leaves 4g

Curry Flavor Rampe Special Rice
Boiled samba rice 400g

Rampé leaves 5g
Curry leaves 5g
Egg 2nons
Chopped ginger 10g
Chopped garlic 10g
Chopped celery 10g
Chopped green chili 3g
Stock powder 3g
Salt 3g
Vegetable oil 10ml

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