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With Ms Samar Al Hiddi, the makeup artist.

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Ms Samar Al Hiddi, is a makeup artist with a difference. This 28 year old young mother of a little princess is out there to make the world look beautiful, converting her passion into profession. An expert in bridal and special event makeup, Samar has already been there to make the cover page models and show stopper girls look prettier in many of the top lifestyle magazines and events in the Kingdom. Within a short span of time, she has become one of the most sought makeup artists in Bahrain. Dreaming of owning a makeup gallery and a training center, she has one of her best projects getting released very soon. Out of her busy schedule, Samar was more than willing to share with BTW, her journey being ‘The Makeup Artist’.

  1. When did you start your passion of being a makeup artist?

Since my childhood, I loved using my mom’s lipstick, eye shadow and other make up products on my dolls. And I used to have my sister and my friends playing around with my mom’s makeup. I even used to have fun using them to color my paintings and looking at my mother putting her own makeup made me fall in love with everything about makeup. And today I am a makeup artist, indeed after long years of studying in entirely different fields and working in a totally different industry. Since 2011 I took it up as a profession and started giving all my attention to makeup and making things beautiful. Now as a full time job its fun and I love what I am doing. Seeing the smile on my customer’s face fulfills my day and gives me the power to work more to give more.

  1. Are you professionally trained for being one?

Yes, it was a hobby at first but then I studied the art of colors and mixing them. I also took a professional degree under professional artists in my own country here.

  1. What is makeup according to you?

Makeup is life to me. I believe that it’s not just the training that makes you a professional. It’s the hard work and practicing what you love beats the talent and makes one professional.

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  1. There is only a thin border from a makeup making you look beautiful and doing the opposite. How do you describe that?

I believe that simplicity, choosing the natural soft colors, using fewer products, focusing on the person’s natural beauty and choosing the perfect color for her skin tone is the only secret to reveal the person’s charm. Always remember not to add too much color on ones face as if it’s a coloring book.

  1. What are the challenges of being a makeup artist? What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Every day a makeup artist gets to face a spot light challenge. It is a dare to treat their artistry and techniques to create a full house makeup. You need to have the confidence and respect to your talent. I help women to perfect their faces by applying them the right makeup and teach them how to use the right products.

  1. How is your journey so far being a makeup artist?

Being passionate about your passion and showing unconditional love to the job you love can sure help you reach great heights and I believe my love to makeup makes me a creative makeup artist and creating art by using makeup.

  1. We heard that you use makeup to create paintings. How did you get this idea?

I love using makeup in everything. I always get to buy more colors and more shades and use them for our customers. I use the natural brown tanned shades and soft colors for the customers and the extra colors that I have, I keep them aside. Later I use them to create a piece of art. I have tried using makeup on paintings, t-shirts, vases and even creating a picture frame with different designs using makeup tools and products. It was used as part of creating the recycling theme. Hopefully you will soon get to see them through my profile pages.

  1. What are the new makeup trends ruling the beauty world today?

I believe we create the fashion and not to go behind it. The nude colors, Brownish, Smokey and earth colors are the Classic looks that will never run out of fashion. We might apply some changes to it but the CLASSIC concept always tops.

  1. Your message for the makeup enthusiasts.

Simple soft makeup is always the perfect beauty you can give yourself. Never over do it. It always does the opposite effect and will make you look aged and a different person. Having proper tool to apply makeup is essential. Without the right products and brushes it will never come out perfect. Remember beauty needs that extra care and perfect touch.

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