Braids in different forms are quite popular. Fishtail Braid is again one of the most popular forms of braid. To help you create your own hair masterpiece, JOZ salon & spa came up with something really creative and wild.


Brush & Section

Detangle and brush out your hair so it’s easy to handle Divide the hair into two even sections starting from the middle of the scalp.

STEP 2 + 3

Weave From The Right

You can begin braiding from either side, but we’re starting from the right. Use your pinky and ring finger to grab a small section of the hair (approximately 1/4″ inch) from the back of the right side. Add this section to the left side by folding it over with your left hand.

STEP 4 + 5

Weave From The Left

After you’ve added a strand to your left side, take your left pinky and grab a 1/4″ strand from the back of the left section. Fold it over and add it to your right section.

Sidebraid-HowSTEP 6

Continue Weaving and FInish Up

Continue weaving strands from the left and right. You’re going to be weaving more or less depending on the thickness of your strands. Once you’re at a comfortable place to end your braid, secure it with an elastic band or a clip. If you feel like your braid is too tight, loosen it by gently massaging the strands with your hands. Grab both hands simultaneously and gently pull away from the braid. This technique gives the braid that casual and effortless look.