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The Vapiano Delight

Chef Bal show us our Dish of the Week- Pasta Filetto di Manzo e Rucola.

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Vapiano, located at the Bahrain City Centre, gives a new spin to the Italian dining experience with its Italian decor and an absolutely modern customer service. Your dish will be made in front of your eyes, so whether you want a health-conscious meal, or you need extra cheese, just say it as the Chef makes it.

If you love Mediterranean flavours, you will love Vapiano. This week, BTW visited Vapiano and savoured some great Italian fare with our Chef of the week- Chef Bal, who put out his cooking skills on the kitchen slab to show us our Dish of the Week- Pasta Filetto di Manzo e Rucola.

The ingredients are:

To fry the Beef Fillet
15 ml olive oil (for frying)

70 g beef fillet, marinated pieces.
1 g rosemary, broken
1g red chili

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To fry the Vegetables & making of the Pasta
10-15 ml olive oil (for frying)

30 g mushroom mix
20 g zucchini dices
15 g carrot juliennes
10 g onion mix
10 g spring onion rings
180 g Pasta
90 g Vegetable broth

To add with the Pasta
1 g salt

1 g black pepper
20 g rocket

10 g grand padano, freshly grated

1 g rosemary

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