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Tips for Your Valentine’s Day Date

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So you’ve had your eye on that special person of your dreams for ages and you’ve FINALLY secured a date for Valentine’s Day! If you’re starting to wondering how to look your best to keep them keen, then let Mankind lead the way. We at JOZ SALON & SPA have plenty of products and tips!


The bed head look might work when you’re going out for a casual coffee, but this is Valentine’s Day, and your date isn’t going to settle for minimum effort. Luckily, here at Mankind we stock some of the very best label.m hair products for men!


Your skin in particular is an area that you may want to start targeting in advance, and we have a great range of men’s skin care products here at Mankind. Your date will be focused on your face whilst you chat throughout the evening, so you’d better make sure it’s looking smooth!


Even if you proudly boast a beard, it might not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to male grooming tips. However, if you aren’t going for a full shave this Valentine’s Day then it’s important to keep facial hair fly-aways at bay on your date.

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  • Smell Good

A good scent can be the perfect accessory to any man’s outfit and can instantly make you come across as more attractive, and you can pick up a great men’s fragrance at Mankind.

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