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CultureInside BahrainTourism, entertainment events to be launched this year

Tourism, entertainment events to be launched this year

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A series of regional and international tourism and entertainment events and activities will be launched by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) in its drive to attract more tourists and offer more opportunities to citizens and residents.

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The events, to be held throughout the year, will contribute to achieving the tourism strategy’s objectives and to supporting event companies and various tourism facilities.

BTEA Chief Executive Officer Nasser Qaedi said reflect the Authority’s keenness to innovate while revitalizing the tourism sector in Bahrain, boosting its competitiveness, increasing its contribution to the GDP and creating fine  job opportunities for citizens.

The Authority will be enhancing the ambitious program according to the developments on the ground, he added.

In March, BTEA will launch a wide campaign in the regional and international markets to promote all activities scheduled in 2022, including the activities held by the authority, and those held by partners in the tourism sector, within the integration of efforts and the strengthening of the tourism industry as a whole, Qaedi said.

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