“When we first started the TradeQuest we were taken aback by the grandiosity and the expansiveness of the program. From learning about fundamental analysis and analyzing income statements to using complex algorithms through technical indicators, the TradeQuest program covered a wide range of topics that prepared us to confidently enter the world of Investment Banking.

When the competition was initiated in October, we had to immediately invest in stocks in both the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and Bahrain Bourse whilst adhering to the rules and limits imposed by the TradeQuest committee.

Every member of our investment team then focused on their role, and drew up a comprehensive report. For example, our technical analysts had to review a plethora of different technical indicators such as moving averages, MACD lines and Bollinger Bands, and then put together a report on their view of which stocks were going to out-perform and under-perform in comparison to the market index. After an investment period, our team would collaborate and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in our portfolio and put together a presentation to deliver to the esteemed investment adjudicator panel. Our team would assiduously rehearse our presentation, and ensure that our presentational skills were infallible. When it was time for the investment presentations, we would all present naturally, and would take into consideration any feedback that the judges gave us.

After the last investment presentation, our entire team felt bittersweet emotions as the competition was over. However, the highlight of the competition was definitely the awards ceremony. As the announcer played (possibly the longest drum roll we had ever heard!) we all felt the tension and nervousness around us. But then as soon as the announcer declared St Christopher’s as the winner of the competition, the pressure immediately relaxed, and was replaced by feelings of jubilance and triumph. We finally got the reward that we yearned for!”

Shawn Amirthan, St Chris TradeQuest Team Leader
Year 12 student, 16 years old