Tripod | Part 2


Last week, I shared a few points to consider when buying a tripod; and here is the second part of it:

3. Quick Release Plate and Ball head

This allows you to keep a part of the hardware screwed to the bottom of your camera, and easily press a lever to install or remove it from the tripod.

Some tripods come with this feature, built-in. With others, you may have to invest in buying them separately. The ball head allows you to “pan” the camera (follow a moving subject) smoothly without creating noise on your photos from camera shake.
4. Center Post & Footing

The Center Post is a part of the tripod that can be raised or lowered. A reversible center post is essentially handy when you need to get lower on the ground for macro shots.

Check the tripod’s base or feet to see how much room is needed to set-up. Check for rubber boots too. It prevents your tripod from sliding or scratching the floor. If you work on loose surface like sand/ soil or may be ice or snow, there are actually tripods that feature retractable metal spikes that help keep your camera steady.

Find the best tripod that will suit your needs. You may also want to visit your nearest camera shop like the Yaquby Stores for various types of tripods. Or, if you have further questions you may also email me and I will do my level best to answer your questions.

Contributed by Glenn Wesley Dulay