Tripod | Part 1

On several occasions, some acquaintances ask me of what would be my next purchase after I acquired my camera, when I was yet starting in photography. My answer – a Tripod. One of the most important investments you can make when buying accessories for your camera, is a sturdy tripod. So far, as of today, I use a ball head and tripod from Manfrotto (available in Yaquby store’s here in Bahrain.) I have been using my tripod for almost 6 years now and still counting.

My initial purchase was not really great then, as I did not do any research. I first had a heavy-duty aluminum tripod. The weight really had me suffering then. So what are the 2 things you need to keep in mind when purchasing your first tripod?

1. Folded Height

This is the most essential, especially when you travel. Know the shortest height you can fold your tripod. Will it fit in a suitcase, backpack or carrying case? Would you be able to comfortably carry it on your shoulder? Would it be on a height that you would be allowed to carry it on a plane?

2. Weight

Since you’re more likely to have your tripod with you in most of your trips, the weight really matters. Wooden tripods are great but they are extremely heavy. There are modern tripods made of Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon Fiber, which are lighter in weight – these are your best options. And when buying, make sure the tripod is sturdy and balanced. You would not want to risk breaking your camera.

Contributed by Glenn Wesley Dulay